The Dream : Moss and Magnolias

The Dream

by Becky Byous on 12/28/10

She danced through the dreams of your childhood. Elusive. Shimmering. Beautiful.
Now childhood is just a memory and your finger sparkles with the promise of happy
tomorrows. The time has come to turn your dreams into reality.

Will it be grand and formal? Or, elegant yet understated? Whatever the choice, you
know the look, the feel, the colors, and the sounds that have filled your dreams.

We suggest you consider Southern. You may want stand beneath giant oaks with late afternoon light filtering through Spanish moss as the strains of a violin fill the air. Or, perhaps, beneath the scarlets and lavenders of a sunset sky on the beach with the sound of breaking waves for music. The South offers it all.

You don't have to be Southern to plan it, you just need a friend who is. Come and visit us. We specialize in Savannah, the Hostess City of the South, but we have ventured across the river to the Low Country of South Carolina and up the River to historic Augusta and have traveled as far "North" as West Virginia and as far South as Florida. We don't just do Southern. We are Southern. We're An Affair To Remember and our dream is to make your dream come true.

In our next few blogs we will explore some of the many Southern weddings that have taken place here in our city.  You'll get a feel of Savannah and how special it is.  We will also include a few of the Weddings For Warriors Project wedding and vow-renewal couples.  In that we'll also introduce the volunteers and businesses that went above and beyond for military couples and their families.

- Becky

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