Wedding Date 1/1/11 : Moss and Magnolias

Wedding Date 1/1/11

by Becky Byous on 01/01/11

We were privileged to spend the first morning of 2011 in the company of eloping couple, Kim and Matt.  Smiling and happy they met us at their chosen location, Calhoun Square in Savannah.  There amid the moss-draped oaks and light posts decorated with greenery and red ribbon Kim was beautiful in her white gown accented by red satin shoes and a bouquet of red Freedom roses. 


 Kim's red shoes and Freedom roses.


Jim and I want to tell them "thank you" for inviting us to share in this very special moment of their lives and for filling our New Year's Day 1/1/11 with smiles and happiness.  After doing hundreds of weddings, we never tire of seeing two people in love make that lifetime commitment.  It is fresh and new each time we see it and we wish for Kim and Matt many wonderful years together. We encourage them to remember that it's the journey... that's the blessing.  Enjoy it!


Kim and Matt's wedding date, 1/1/11 on Calhoun Square.


Afterwards, Jim and I treated ourselves to a stop at Clary's on Abercorn for coffee and a New Year's oh-so-Southern breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy.  It's such fun to sit and enjoy the food, chatter and watch the tourists taking in this happy place that should be on every visitor's list of  "must do's" during a visit to Savannah. 


Founded in 1903, Clary's was prominently featured in the book and the movie, Midnight in The Garden of Good & Evil and is the ideal place to experience a good ole Southern breakfast.  The one-storey building that houses Clary's has a family connection for me.  My cousin, Larry Harley, reminds that his father once ran a grocery in the location long before we were born.


Another advantage, aside from the history of the area, destination weddings in Savannah are some of the least expensive in the USA.  The South in-general has one of the lowest cost-of-living rates around so wedding prices reflect the savings.  Another consideration on a destination wedding or elopement, for medium and larger weddings it is important to deal an experienced wedding professional.  He or she will know vendors who are reliable, provide quality products and services and which are most economical.


Come on down and you'll see what Savannah offers for a wonderful and unforgettable wedding experience for you.  Your family and guests will thank you


- Becky

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